Father’s Day 2020

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happy fathers day

Making Father’s Day 2020 memorable

Now that Alberta’s provincial campgrounds are open, Father’s Day plans can again include a celebration in your favorite campsite. With a bit of planning, your favorite Dad will feel special all day.





First the food
Surprise Dad with a Lumberjack Breakfast, soon to become a camping favorite, served alongside a steaming hot coffee! During happy hour, when Pop is enjoying his favorite cold beverage, Grilled Picnic Taco Nachos would be perfect to hold off hunger. Maybe for dinner, Dad wants to BBQ? If he is taking the night off, there are plenty of tin foil dinner ideas. You bring together beef, chicken, seafood or pork with veggies and potatoes and enhanced with spices. Fire up the grill and put the packages on to slow cook while Dad enjoys his free time in his favorite way. For a sweet finish, maybe rollout Brown Bears or a Gooey Chocolate Skillet Cake With Ice Cream.



A gift he will really use
You may think gift giving is hardest for Dad. Not true if the theme is Go RVing and your source is RV City! The whole family can present thoughtful gifts to help make campsite setup easier and faster. How about  Picture of New Parts.surprising him with a surge protector to prevent damage to electronic equipment? How are the wheel chocks, levelling blocks and jack pads looking – is it time to replace them? A propane fire pit – now there is a gift that makes a real difference to enjoying the evenings when there is a fire ban. Make Dad the envy of all with his own Kuma Lazy Bear Heated Chair and log cushion. If Dad’s hobby is cooking, there are all sorts of utensils and gadgets, cookbooks and spices on the shelves at RV City.

Time together

It is sometimes hard to remember that Dad has his own interests. Planning to enjoy some activities that he likes would mean a lot to him. A family walk, a visit to a local swimming place or a few lazy hours fishing might be just what he wants most. Maybe he prefers to hangout in the campsite waiting for challenges to a game or two of picnic table tennis, double ladder golf, followed by a round or two of cards with a one-of-a-kind RV cribbage board.


The day is all about Dad.

With a little pre planning and on-line shopping, it will be another great day for the man who means so much.

Making Father’s Day 2020 memorable

How do you celebrate Father’s Day at the campsite? Share your pictures and tag us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Happy Father’s Day to all of our RVing dads!

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