Thinking about an RV? Part 2

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When shopping for an RV, there are endless options out there! It initially seems a bit overwhelming so you may need a few questions to help with finding answers. As a new or experienced RVer, the RV City sales associates are a valuable resource to discuss your answers. If your picture is a bit fuzzy right now, you can start narrowing down your options by answering some great questions like the following.

Some more great questions to start with would be…

  • Staying or going?
  • For a few seasons or for a lifetime?
  • What can I afford?


Staying or going?

Do you see yourselves moving almost daily from campground to campground? Are you interested in fully equipped reservable spots or taking a chance on what is available and being self-reliant. Maybe you want to camp off the grid, better known as boondocking. Are you looking to head out every season but winter? Is your plan for a seasonal spot where you can park and set up once and spend most weekends and vacation at the same site? Will your seasonal spot be a place to erect an outdoor cooking and entertaining space so inside facilities are not as importantAre you eyeing the possibility of snowbirding for the winter months and being on the road in the summer in Canada?

Whatever your plans, RV City can help you narrow down your choices by pointing out the features that best meet your needs.


What kind of RV traveler are you

Who is sleeping here?

If you think about it, the purchase of an RV for travel is primarily to ensure you have a safe, comfortable, efficient home for each day and sleeping every night. So you want to know if your choice meets your needs now.

You’ll want to consider what will work best for your family’s routine for sleeping or even hanging out together inside on a rainy day. Designated sleeping areas like separate bedrooms and bunks allow you to skip putting your beds away each morning and provide for easy daytime napping. Separate sleeping areas are also ideal when you want to put the kids to bed, but still be able to sit at your table in the evening. If easy access to washroom facilities is a concern, then you will want a layout that does not need a ladder to access the bed. Many RVs come equipped with your table turning into a bed. Larger units may offer Murphy beds or sofa beds that need to be tucked away each morning. It’ll all depend on what makes the most sense for you and your family!


Let RV City get you camping

For a few seasons or for a lifetime?

RVs are made in many sizes, with many options, and sold new and used because life brings changes. As a second home, what is most important to you with where you are at in your RV journey? Are you within a few years of possible retirement and want an RV that can offer equal comforts to home? The kids might have almost left home and you are ready for less space. Perhaps you spend most of your time outside, including cooking and visiting. Are you looking for something for right now that can accommodate your growing family and know that you will be making a change in a few years?

Ask yourself some questions as you tour each RV.  How do you feel in the space it has? Does the layout flow and feel comfortable? Does it have all the features and options you’ll want while out at the campground? Does this RV feel like the right home for the plans we have?


Live your wildhood

What can I afford?

Ah, the point where the rubber hits the road. No decision can be made until you add the final consideration of how much it will all cost. Little things will add up and you could end up going over your budget.

  • The final purchase price plus any fees or taxes. Talk to the Finance Department about including the must-haves into the total cost. Ask about the term, monthly costs, interest rates and ask if extra payments can be made at any time without penalty.
  • Maintenance or warranty packages available that work for you.
  • Parts and accessories from the dealership to ensure you are prepared for every adventure from extension cords and power adapters to items that will customize the inside of your unit just the way you like.
  • Trailer hitch installation and wiring if needed.
  • Cost of a towing vehicle if your current automobile is not suitable.
  • Insurance and seasonal storage.

Once you have a clear picture of everything you’ll enjoy every adventure so much more.

Have fun choosing the RV that fits your family’s type of fun, and keep it going for generations!



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