RV Lingo – Part 2

Part 2 – Learning more RVing lingo… Types of Campers Full-timers: People who live out of their RV year round. Newbies: People new to the RV world. Traveller burnout/fatigue: Newbies are most susceptible this condition. There is lack of motivation, … Continued

RV Lingo – Part 1


Every great hobby and past time has its own words and phrases. Over time, as you become more familiar and passionate about what you are doing, suddenly, you too are using the lingo. RVing, too, has its own kind of … Continued

RV Maintenance Checklist

RV Maintenance Checklist to make sure nothing is left undone       The next time you’re giving your RV a little TLC refer to this handy RV Maintenance Checklist to make sure nothing is left undone. We’d like to share this … Continued

Art’s Tips and Tricks

Click here for all the Details on preparing your RV for Storage

Top 5 Tips on Preparing your RV for Storage. 1 – Check with your local RV Care Dealer for the most effective rodent repellent products for your Region. 2 – Use only an approved water system antifreeze. Ask your RV … Continued