Thinking about an RV? Part 1

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When shopping for an RV, there are endless options out there! It initially seems a bit overwhelming so you may need a few questions to help with finding answers. As a new or experienced RVer, the RV City sales associates are a valuable resource to discuss your answers. If your picture is a bit fuzzy right now, you can start narrowing down your options by answering some great questions like the following.

  • Do you want to drive a motorized RV or tow a unit?
  • How do I know if I can tow?
  • New or new-to-you?
  • Who is sleeping here?


Do you want to drive a motorized RV or tow a unit?
Motorized units may be easier to move in and out of if your travels are mainly road trips and you pause to see the sights during the day. Driving a motorhome becomes a bit more cumbersome if you prefer to stay in one location and take day trips. You will have to spend time each day making sure everything is secured inside and out before you drive off. Unless you tow a smaller vehicle and leave your unit at the site. Or, you may decide to tow a boat or ATVs because that is the way you like to holiday. You may find purchase price is higher for a motorized vehicle for equivalent features found in a towable unit.
Fifth wheels, trailers, toy haulers … you have a lot of choices with towable RVs. It is a package deal, though. You need to have a driving vehicle that can easily and safely handle the fully loaded trailer. Now you are insuring two units and just need a bit of practice to learn how to back up with an attached trailer. A great benefit is being able to leave your home on wheels at a site and be ready to travel at any moment in your towing vehicle.

What kind of RV can my vehicle tow safelyWhatkind of RV  can my vehicle tow safelyWhatkind of RV  can my vehicle tow safely

How do I know if I can tow?

Find your existing vehicle in these helpful digital towing guides, and make sure you have the towing capacity to pull your desired RV. Your RV City sales associate can help you out with the weight calculations and detailed considerations.

RV's that feel like home

New or new-to-you?

Few people would refuse a brand new unit, special-order RV with all the desired features, if the price is right. In reality, most of us would be pleased to have our own reliable and affordable RV that meets our needs. You will still have lots of choice, whether you are moving from tent to wheels, or out of a road-weary unit your family has outgrown to more space and beds, or refining your travelling to being sure to have indoor carrying space for your sporting equipment using a toy hauler. 

In the RV, there is everything to offer from gently used models old and newer, through last year’s new units still waiting for the right home, up to the getting ready at the Jayco factory for this summer’s launch to being able to customize and special order.

Ask about all of your options with your RV City sales representative. 

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of Thinking about an RV?


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