RV Life Lesson 8

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This is one of a series of eight life lessons I have learned in my Travels with Betty. What your RV can teach you about life, Lesson #8.

As part of each blog, I share my experience and then the lesson I learned as a result. It seems there is always something to learn!


Locking is good except when you lose the ability to unlock

Cycling when I get to a camping site is always a favorite activity. It doesn’t have to have any purpose, just wheeling around to see how others have setup their temporary home is fun to do.

To be ready, I have a bike rack on the back of the camper van. To add security, I have a locking pin. Well, I had one. After the first trip, every key looked as if it should open the lock but did not. I kept expecting the real key to show up eventually. It has not even now.

I started this season having the folks at RV City cut the old locking pin off. With a new one installed, the keys are in a few locations and with a few people so that the bike rack can be as portable as intended.

Lesson learned: If you are going to lock, have more than one key and label every one.


Life lessons – we get them everywhere. If yours come from RV road trips, then you’ve learned them at the best possible time. You are on vacation, you are relaxed and time doesn’t really matter. The experience is what counts.


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