Art of Seasonal Camping… Coming Soon!

Art of Seasonal Camping - RV City Blog

We are excited to introduce a new series of articles that will be all about the Art of Seasonal Camping.   Staying in one place during the summer season is great for those that like to enjoy one place during the … Continued

RV Lingo – Part 2

Part 2 – Learning more RVing lingo… Types of Campers Full-timers: People who live out of their RV year round. Newbies: People new to the RV world. Traveller burnout/fatigue: Newbies are most susceptible this condition. There is lack of motivation, … Continued

Father’s Day 2020

Making Father’s Day 2020 memorable

Making Father’s Day 2020 memorable Now that Alberta’s provincial campgrounds are open, Father’s Day plans can again include a celebration in your favorite campsite. With a bit of planning, your favorite Dad will feel special all day.       … Continued

RV Lingo – Part 1


Every great hobby and past time has its own words and phrases. Over time, as you become more familiar and passionate about what you are doing, suddenly, you too are using the lingo. RVing, too, has its own kind of … Continued