RVing off the grid

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natureGoing off the grid, or “boondocking,”can help you feel an increased sense of freedom in your RV, and give your RV adventures a more “rustic” flair.


If you want to be free from reliance on campsite hookups for an extended amount of time, you’ll need to organize solar power for your RV. A generator that uses solar energy will give you another great way to offer a back up supply of power, especially for days when it isn’t sunny. Back up power is essential, so you might also want to consider a backup, non-solar battery.  Just because you aren’t connected to civilization doesn’t mean you don’t want to have the modern conveniences of power!

There may be times, even if you have a large solar array, where saving electricity becomes necessary. A simple battery voltmeter can help you monitor your stored charge and make adjustments to your usage if necessary.


Most RVs have large storage tanks. So, your water usage will depend on when you plan on refilling your tank. Bring along large, portable jugs to top off water tanks when the opportunity arises. Keeping the water pressure low while washing dishes or showering will also help to conserve water.

If you are near a body of water and want a back up solution in times of emergency, a good filtration system will make sure water is potable.


Having two tanks that are connected is important – if one runs out, the other can take over without losing power to your refrigerator, hot water heater, or any of your other propane appliances. You’ll have to monitor the levels and refill as necessary. However, you can keep going on those two tanks for longer if you keep your hot water heater insulated and by only turning it on once a day. Plan showers and  washing up for this time, and you will save on propane.


Living off the grid takes a little more effort, but it can increase your feelings of freedom and adventure. Make sure to stay safe when in isolated areas and have a reliable way to communicate with the outside world. Beyond that, enjoy boondocking!

If you need help sorting out equipment, including solar panels and generators, make sure to contact us at our parts department and we would be delighted to help you!

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