A cooler that stays cool?

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champagne-cup-2138846_1280One of the reasons we love RVs so much is that we have access to a refrigerator and a freezer to keep things cold.

But sometimes, you want to sit outside and enjoy a few drinks. In those cases, it’s convenient to have a cooler. However, what isn’t nice is reaching in for a cold beer and coming out with a wet label stuck to your now very wet arm. Or, even better, fishing through a lake of freezing cold water to find the last can of your specialty brew.

Ice melts, but it doesn’t have to make a mess. Here are some tips to keep your cooler chilled, and your drinks from floating away:


  1. Use block ice or ice packs instead of loose cubes or crushed ice. They will keep cold longer and won’t become a puddle of former-ice before you finish your second drink.
  2. Freeze water balloons. Not only are water balloons colourful and festive, but when they melt, they contain the water. (Bonus, let the kids throw them around once they have melted!)
  3. Add salt to the water that you intend to freeze or freeze seawater. Salt lowers the freezing temperature of the water, so it will stay cold for much longer.
  4. Cool drinks before you add them to the cooler. You have a refrigerator for a reason – use it! Get the refreshments cold before adding them to the cooler, and they will stay chilled longer.
  5. Keep the cooler out of the sun. Also remember to keep the lid closed as much as possible. But you knew that, right?


Enjoying cold drinks on a hot day is a camping rite of passage. A few tweaks, and you can enjoy the experience even more.


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