5 fantastic 2019 RV features

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Each year, RVs get more and more luxurious. It used to be that living out of your RV was a sacrifice, but the sophisticated models are sometimes nicer than your current house! Not every model suits every user, but here are some great features to look for if you are shopping for a 2019 model:


  1. A kitchen island

One of the big issues in RV kitchens is counter space. If you love cooking, even on the road, adding more space to chop and prep makes all the difference. That’s why we love the models with islands. The 2019 Jayco Eagle HT 324BHTS (stock #20629), for instance, has an island with a double sink and plenty of extra counter space.


  1. External LED lighting

Just because it gets dark out doesn’t mean you want to pack it in for the night. External LED lighting not only keep you safer on the road, but also helps light up your outdoor space well into the night. Since they last 60 times longer and uses 60-90% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs, you can leave them on (and party!) longer. You can see the outdoor LED lights on the 2019 Jayco Jay Flight SLX Western Edition 154BH (stock #20631), among others.


  1. Oversized residential shower with shower seat

One of the things you expect to give up when you go camping is a full shower. But in RVs like the 2019 Jayco Pinnacle 38REFS (stock #20599), you can have the space and luxury of a full shower in a large bathroom. If you have a long day hiking, it’s important to treat yourself with a nice hot shower. You can even sit down while you relax. We can’t imagine anything better.


  1. Sofas with heat and massage

After a long day fishing or golfing, wouldn’t it be nice to recline in a heated sofa that can give you a massage? Don’t worry – your cold beer is right there beside you, so there’s really no need to get up again. You can test these wonder-seats out for yourself in the 2019 Jayco Seismic 4013 (stock #20781).


  1. Second bathroom

If you have a large family, or maybe just a teenager who needs to look their absolute best, even when camping, then a second bathroom is a no-brainer. With a full and a half bath, the 2019 Jayco Talon 413T (stock #20682) makes it that much easier for the family to get along.


What’s your favourite feature in the newer RV models?

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