Road-tripping Technology

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illuminated-3271512_1280Taking the RV out into the wild can be wonderful – disconnecting from the world is a necessity from time to time. However, not all trips are like that. During some vacations, a little modernity can be a wonderful thing. On those trips, here are some apps and technology to bring along with you.

First, you’ll need reliable access to WiFi. Unless you have a truly outstanding and cheap data plan (in which case, you have truly found a unicorn in Canada and I demand to know your secrets!) WiFi is the only way to go for Internet access. Accessing public WiFi is not only challenging, but it can also put your data at risk. Stealth WiFi is a portable Internet system with fast, reliable and secure WiFi access. Whether you need to download a new audiobook or Google whether that was a caribou or an elk you just saw (it was probably an elk), having regular access to WiFi is usually the best first step in adding technology to your RV vacation.

Next, finding a hands-free app that allows you to navigate Google Maps, music, or calls and texts, all while keeping both hands firmly on the wheel, can make road tripping infinitely easier.  An app like Android Auto, which is built into new Androids, is a wonderful dashboard assistant.

If you are traveling in the United States, the app RoadTrippers is available on both Apple and Android and is a wonderful addition to your smart phone or tablet. RoadTrippers helps you find unique and perhaps less well-known stops to incorporate into your trip, allows you to directly book hotels and explore off the beaten path locations. Unfortunately, it is not available in Canada yet, but it can make your road trip down south much more customized.

Lastly, if you find parking to be a particularly infuriating experience, downloading ParkMe should help lower your blood pressure. ParkMe offers many appealing features. It help you find free, cheap or convenient parking across Canada and the US (and other places your RV can take you), can tell you when your meter is running low, and can even help you reserve a spot ahead of arrival!

These are a few of our favourite ways in which technology can help make your next RV trip easier and more exciting. What are your favourite apps to use on the road?

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