Your RV guest house

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hyacinth-772390_1920This weekend is Thanksgiving and that often means a full house and out-of-town guests. Space can be at an absolute premium on occasions like this, which makes your RV even more valuable. Your favourite home-on-the-road can serve as a wonderful guest house for visitors.

Before you send Aunt Patty and Uncle Jack out into their new home, here are some things to consider to make it as welcoming as possible.

  1. Clean it well.

Especially if you haven’t used your RV since August, it can look a little…deserted. Give it a thorough cleaning before you move your loved ones into their temporary home. Consider adding fresh flowers and maybe burning a scented candle if it feels a bit stale. Add fresh bedding, with extra blankets and pillows and maybe some guest robes and slippers for their comfort.


  1. Connect your RV to your electrical.

This is easier said that done. Your home hookups aren’t the same as the ones you find at an RV park. You will need to have 30 or 50-amp systems hooked up at your home if you plan to regularly host guests in your RV. Otherwise, you can use an amp adapter and an extension cord, though this method doesn’t provide enough power to keep everything running. It is good in a pinch if your guests will mostly be using the house and just need small amounts of power in the RV. You can also use a good RV generator (we’ve got those!) to give your guests the electricity they need in the short term.

  1. Keep the cupboards, fridge and bathroom well stocked.

Temporary holiday guests will most likely be spending most of their time in the house with you, but it is nice to give them the option of having a place to retire to if they need some space. A bottle of wine, a coffee maker, and some snacks help them feel like they don’t have to rely on you for all their needs. It’s also nice to make sure they have plenty of fluffy towels, some shampoo and conditioner and body wash in the shower, and extra toilet paper. Even some new toothbrushes and toothpaste, in case someone forgot theirs, is also a lovely added touch.

  1. Entertain them.

You love your family. We know that. But both you and them will sometimes need a break from each other, especially for longer visits. Put some of your favourite DVDs and games in the RV for them to enjoy while they are visiting. If you have the power to run the microwave, put some microwave popcorn on the counter for them. Add some fuzzy blankets in the living room for them to cozy up. Leave them detailed instructions on how to enjoy the amenities so they don’t feel like they have to bother you to learn how to use the TV or fireplace.

  1. Make them feel welcome in the house.

Especially if power is limited, make sure they always have access to the house. A set of spare keys is helpful if you have to run out on an errand or go to work. Especially in Alberta, October can get cold. They might be eager to be in a centrally-heated and insulated house come morning, so make sure you have things set up for them to come and go as they need.


It’s the time of the year when we are thankful for family and loved ones. But you can also be thankful that you can send them out to your RV when things get a little too much!

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