Winter in the Grand Canyon

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Sure, Arizonians might find it cold in the winter, but for us Canadians, -6 is still a vacation (and that’s as cold as it gets)! The park is quieter, and the views are still incredible. You will have a far easier time getting reservations anywhere you want, and the trails will be less packed. Plus, it’s cheaper! Visibility is best at this time of the year, and the sunrises and sunsets are some of the prettiest you will experience.


You can stay at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park, which gives you close access to the national park, as well as access to the hotel’s hot tub and pool, and the Pet Resort for your furry friend.

After a few days of sight-seeing at the Canyon, you can take a drive to the Arizona Hot Springs. October to February is exactly the time the locals recommend you visit! You can either hike the 3.2 mile trail to the springs, or take a boat across the river, south of the Hoover Dam. If you decide to enjoy the hike, you don’t have to stress as much about all of the signs warning you of heat stroke – so many people have died that they actually close the trail from June to August, so winter is a perfect time to go.  There is nothing better than soaking in 40+°C waters after a long hike on a winter day.

Of course, this is just barely scratching the surface of the things to do in the area. There is so much to see that you might just decide to be a snowbird and stay in Arizona all winter! If you do, make sure to send us pictures of your adventures.

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