What a show it was!

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‍‌Enjoy the Journey with RV City

Edmonton was the picture postcard of winter last week. Temperatures struggled to daily highs of -17 degrees Celsius, quickly plunging to -30 degrees Celsius overnight. Fresh snowfall most days nicely disguised the icy and slick roadways and sidewalks. Blustering winds created wind tunnels of fresh Alberta air. It was frigid.

Inside, though, summer dreams were wakening from hibernation thanks to RV City at the Edmonton RV Show. From February 7 to 10, RV City was again a big part of the annual event promising warmer days and hours of sunlight will return! The show should not be missed by anyone who loves summer, the outdoors and camping. There is so much to see and do.



2019 Edmonton rv expo


RV City was perfectly placed to welcome winter-weary guests in Hall D. Away from the big open spaces where exhibitors compete for attention with sight and sound, RV City creates a traveler’s oasis.

Thoughtfully, a golf cart ferries guests down and up an entrance ramp – although kids of all ages could not resist sprinting both up and down. In the Hall, guests enjoy seeing and learning what Jayco has to offer in quiet, warm and comfortable surroundings. There were hundreds of metres of outdoor homes to see.



Wandering from travel trailer to motorhome and folding camper to toy hauler, guests could be heard marveling at the delights spotted through open doors and screen windows. Cupboard, refrigerator and room doors opened and closed. Bathrooms were checked out, recliner seats and fold-out couches tested, while sitting breaks were taken on comfortable beds, benches and chairs. Even water faucets were tried– despite no visible sign of water connections!

In the Jayco units with pull outs, guests lounged, liking the flexibility of the spacious room for entertaining, playing board and card games, napping, watching television.

Future Jayco Class A motorhome owners waved through wide front wrap around windows as they sat behind the wheel and imagined actually driving this beautiful rig through the Rocky Mountains on a warm July day.

rsz_img_68782019 Jayco Melbourne Kitchen and Dining arearsz_img_6932

The popular gathering place was where accessories were offered, quite a selection, even some items to try out. I appreciated the comfy directors chairs and the selection of happy camper nick nacks. Those kinds of items that just make camping so much more enjoyable!



Let us help you remember how memorable camping and road trips can be when you are bringing your home with you!

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