Tips for New RV Owners

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RV_mountainCongratulations! You just bought your first RV, and you are excited to hit the open road. However, before you do, we have some tips to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

  1. RV Insurance.

Like any vehicle, you want to make sure your RV is insured, and that you understand what is covered by your policy. Unlike other vehicles, RV insurance is complicated. Are you planning on living in your RV, or just going on short trips? How much liability insurance do you need to cover accidents when your RV is parked (like someone tripping on the stairs)? Have you insured the contents of your RV, especially if you have expensive toys inside? If you have a travel trailer, and your truck breaks down, does your insurance cover the towing of both the trailer and the truck? It is important to talk to someone about your individual needs and ensure you get the best insurance for your RVing experience before you head out on your first adventure.

  1. Check Your Tires

Vehicle handling, safety and even gas mileage are all important reasons to make sure your tire pressure is where it should be, especially if the RV has been sitting in storage all winter. It is important to make sure your tires are in tip-top shape before get behind the wheel of your RV.

  1. Be a Confident Driver

Speaking of driving ­– have you driven an RV before? Backing up and taking corners can be a challenge if you have never driven a large vehicle before. There is no shame in taking your new RV to an empty parking lot and practicing with some cones. In fact, this could save you a lot of embarrassment at the campsite, as you try to back into your space when the kids are screaming, and the sun is in your eyes. This is also a great time to get familiar with the weight and height of your RV, so you know where you can and cannot go.

  1. Take a Walkaround

There are many ways to take your RV out for its inaugural drive and completely embarrass yourself, or worse – make a huge mess. Do yourself a favour and take a walkaround before you head out to make sure the antennas are down, the stairs are in, and leveling blocks are removed. Check to make sure your sewer and electrical lines are disconnected. Also, look inside your RV to make sure everything is secured in its place. This might seem like an inconvenience when you are eager to get to the mountains, but this quick check makes sure that you don’t damage your rig, other cars on the road, or your pride!

You are going to love your new RV, and with once you have everything on this list done, you are ready to go and find adventure!

And good news: our parts and service department is now open late to help make sure you are RV ready. If in doubt, give our team at RV City a call and book an appointment.

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