RV Life Lesson 6

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This is one of a series of eight life lessons I have learned in my Travels with Betty. What your RV can teach you about life, Lesson #6.

As part of each blog, I share my experience and then the lesson I learned as a result. It seems there is always something to learn!


Rocks are not your friends

Following a great extra long weekend of camping, a fellow camper van friend and I were ready to pull out of our shared spot. It was raining and I was a bit too eager to get on the way. As I started to pull forward out of the site, I heard the sounds of scraping metal and crumpling trim. I got out and there was a rock about 3 feet high camouflaged by the tall grass nudged up to the camper van.

White paint flecked the rock. Meanwhile, the bunched up side trim behind the front passenger wheel looked as bad as the twisted running board. The prognosis was two side panels  needed replacement. The good folks at RV City helped with an interim solution so I could get in and out of the main camper van door for another month or so of camping. A $8K autobody repair started the winter season.  Today, the camper van looks as good as new!

Lessons learned: Check tall grass first if you are going to drive into it.

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