Inside Your RV Toolkit

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wood-3293929_1920Everyone has a toolkit. But RVing works best when you have a very specific toolkit just for your RV. Things happen when you are on the road – tires blow; tables get wobbly; favourite balls roll under the RV and you have to get the ball because the child is screaming but you can’t see the ball – and the right tool kit will help you deal with those problems as they arise.

Some toolkit items are obvious – screwdrivers and such – but we have compiled a list of some items you might not have thought of to complete your RV supply.


  1. Gorilla Glue: Gorilla Glue is a great, incredibly strong adhesive that will become invaluable if you spend a lot of time in your RV. Whether someone puts a nick in the linoleum and you have to glue it down, or the handle breaks off your favourite mug, this glue will be your solution.
  2. Duct Tape: Have an awning tear that needs your immediate attention? A hose that has a leak? A good duct tape can help you manage until you can get to RV City for a repair. There’s a reason Red Green, that loveable CBC comedian, was addicted to duct tape – it solves so many problems!
  3. Level: A level is critical when RVing. You might just think that it makes for a more comfortable living experience – no one wants to sleep on a slant – but it also is important for the functioning of your fridge (link to past blog) and your doors.
  4. Axe or a Hatchet: Maybe we are getting into obvious territory here, but a hatchet is such an important camping tool that we would be remiss to leave it off of the list. Even if you have pre-cut firewood, a hatchet is necessary to cerate the kindling necessary to start fires.
  5. Caulking gun and silicone: If you develop a minor leak around your sink, shower, or anywhere else in the RV, a caulking gun and a bottle of silicone make the repair easy.
  6. Assorted container with small screws, nuts and bolts: You are bound to have things jiggle loose periodically when your home is also a vehicle. Keep a container of screws, nuts and bolts on hand that match your existing hardware, so you can quickly fix problems as they arise.
  7. Air Compressor: Your RV will be much safer with properly filled tires and navigating gas station parking lots to get your RV close enough to the air compressor isn’t a fun task. Luckily, there are affordable, portable compressors that will make this task (and the myriad of other uses, like filling bike tires and lake floaties) much simpler. Bonus: some air compressors double as a battery booster, which comes in handy when someone – we won’t mention any names – leaves the keys in the ignition all night.
  8. Multimeter: We generally don’t recommend you mess around with electronics in an RV unless you know what you are doing. However, if you have a multimeter, you will better be able to determine where the problem is in order to find a quicker solution.
  9. Flashlight: Breakdowns don’t always happen in the day time. Not only that, but that pesky ball that keeps rolling under the RV can be hard to spot without a little added light. A flashlight and extra batteries are always a good thing to keep in your RV, if only for the impact it has on scary stories.
  10. Extension cord: A heavy-duty 25’ or even 50’ extension cord can be surprisingly useful when you are camping. Make sure you have a high-quality cord that is rated for the energy load your RV uses.
  11. Extra windshield wipers, jumper cables, and engine belts: There seems to be a higher probability that if something is going to happen, it will probably happen in the middle of a storm. In those cases, it is nice to be able to put on a spare pair of windshield wipers, rather than waiting out the rain on the side of a busy highway.
  12. Utility Cord: Handy for everything from hanging laundry to securing a boat at the dock, extra cord always comes in handy.

Obviously, there is an endless list of things you could bring, encounters you could have. But this is a great starting point to start thinking about what should be in your RV. And you can get almost everything you need at RV City.

Now you tell us – what key item do you stock in your RV toolkit that we might have missed?

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