Free stay at a Winery

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Imagine staying at a beautiful vineyard or a farm exactly like this one in your RV – for free! You can do just that by signing up for a membership at Harvest Hosts.

As long as you have a “self-contained vehicles include motor homes (classes A, C and B), fifth-wheels, travel trailers, hybrid trailers and truck campers” with “INTERIOR toilets,BUILT-IN holding tanks for waste water (no exterior tanks allowed), and INTERIOR cooking facilities”, you qualify. You park on their land for free, though you are required to make a purchase from them. I know what you are thinking – I have to buy fresh farm produce or wine straight from the winery?! Outrageous! Maybe you’ll have to buy real maple syrup or some fresh ice cream. The horrors abound! But we imagine you’ll get by.

Although you can’t see the list of hosts before you sign up – hosts don’t want their information available to non-members – we think this is a great way to invest in adventure. You can check out a map of hosts here and see photos of some of the locations here (the cover photo of this post is from one of the hosts). You can also read a review of some RVers experiences with Harvest Host here and here.

Membership is $49.00 for twelve months and there is a code of conduct to follow, but generally, this seems like such a great opportunity.

Tell us if you become a member. We’d love to hear how it goes.

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