Don’t Buy An RV

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You’re probably thinking that, at RV City, we are in the business of selling RVs, so we probably think everyone should have an RV. Not in the least! When you purchase an RV, you are saying goodbye to some experiences that you may not have thought of, and we want you to be prepared. So before you buy an RV for your next camping adventure, make sure you are ready for:


1. No more gas station bathrooms

You are on the open road, singing along to Tom Petty, and suddenly, someone (maybe you!) has to use the bathroom. You look for the nearest terrifying, isolated gas station and wait in line to use the dirty public bathrooms with no toilet paper. What fun! With an RV, you use your own clean and not-at-all terrifying bathroom when you need to make a stop. And there is absolutely no joy in that. Plus, you’ll miss out on some very enlightening graffiti.


2. No more guessing when the sheets were last washed.

If you are anything like me, the best part of any vacation is lying awake at night and wondering if you just felt something bite you. Or that game – you know the game! – where you and the kids gather around the bed with a blue light and try to guess what might have made that stain. Now imagine a world where you know exactly when the sheets were washed. Imagine knowing every person who has ever slept in them. Where’s the fun in that?


3. No more sleeping on the ground.

If you’re over 40, you will undoubtedly feel the pain of this loss the most. Nothing prepares you for a full day of enjoying nature like a good sleep with a rock in your hip.  The calories burnt from flipping over every 10 minutes in your sleeping bag, so you can find a position that doesn’t hurt your shoulder more than make up for the lack of sleep. A comfortable bed with a pillow and a mattress that doesn’t leave you sobbing silently in your tent? Who needs it!


4. No more cooler full of water

If you didn’t pull my bacon out of a cooler where the ice has all melted and everything is floating in 6 inches of water, then I don’t want it! Modern refrigeration has nothing on the endless entertainment of trying to keep food cool or dry in a plastic box. Waterlogged and barely cold is how nature intended my camping meals to be. If you have an RV, and the included refrigerator, you will have to do the work of making your food soggy, which seems like entirely too much effort for me. No thanks, convenient and consistently dry and cool refrigerator!


Maybe you came to the RV City website, looking for an RV to take on your next camping adventure. And if you are okay with missing out on these four wonderful things, we can help.

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