Canada’s Parks Day, Saturday July 18th, 2020

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Canada’s Parks Day, Saturday July 18th, 2020, you have somewhere to be…

It is Canada’s Parks Day and getting outdoors with a lawn chair and book for a few hours, packing a lunch and bikes for trails or staying overnight in your favorite campground for the weekend are just some of the ways to observe this special day.

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The Canada Parks Council designates the third Saturday of July as an annual event to remember the important role parks play in all of our lives. The Council includes Parks Canada as well as each province’s parks departments. On this designated Saturday, each organization plans activities that are fun and educational at parks and historic sites.

As an RVer, you already seek out green spaces, tree-lined trails, lakes and rivers and the sounds and sights of nature. Our parks preserve this beauty and stillness until we can return, leaving our lives of busyness and activity behind.

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There are two key sites to check out for help in deciding where to go and what to do. Best news? You do not have to be camping at the location to join in! Second best news? All events are free.

The Alberta Parks website (LINK: provides a listing of each provincial park hosting events along with details of time, events and where to meet.

The Parks Canada website (LINK: does not have a single page listing Parks Day 2020 events. Instead, if you search for your preferred park or historic site, each page advises if the site is open and any special requirements.

COVID-19 certainly has changed our world and our parks are no exception. To help limit the spread of the virus, not all parks are open. Be sure to check out information about your park of choice before you pack up the vehicle.

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Fortunately, parks abound in our cities and towns too. So, your day in the park could be just down the street, keeping safely distant from others who are visiting too.
Happy Parks Day 2020!


The important role of parks
-maintain healthy and resilient ecosystems
-protect critical habitat for species-at-risk
-contribute to human health and well-being


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