Art of Seasonal Camping – Episode 2

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It’s All In The Experience

Rear Living View 1When I began to blog about seasonal camping, I thought long and hard about what I would have wanted to know before getting into it.  What it came down to is this… it’s really about the experience.  Weekend camping is one type of experience. Seasonal camping offers some of the same experiences, but it is really quite different in many ways. 


After taking the plunge and committing to a seasonal campground, we started to see how the “experiences” compare.


Seasonal camping in an RV still requires the planning of what you need for the time you are there.  There is meeting new people, hanging out by the fire, cooking outside, and just being outdoors. 


Here are some of the benefits we have we enjoy as part of our seasonal camping experience. 




For the most part, you do all of your RV setups one time only at the start of the season. My preseason routine includes leveling the unit, extending our slideout, starting our appliances, de-winterizing, hooking up the water system, and adding chemicals to the grey and black tanks. 


Preparation for each stay is easy. Each time we head to our seasonal spot, we need to only pack our vehicle with groceries, fresh linen, our clothes, and ourselves. Forty-five minutes later we are there with our RV on-site nicely leveled, our fridge is cold, and our slide out. We are typically enjoying a beverage and connecting with friends within minutes of arriving.  

Relaxing 1

Our seasonal site is set up for our needs. We have a concrete counter outdoor cooking area, a shed, a backyard, a large deck, and all of our toys (kayaks, paddle-boards, bikes, etc.) already there.


We have made lasting friendships and know our neighbours. Our boys are grown now, but when young, they played with the other kids in the campground nonstop. We would rarely see them, except when they were hungry. As a result, our boys have developed lifelong relationships that began in the campground. Everyone knows everyone, and they all watch out for each other’s kids and each other’s RVs. Nothing but great memories!


Finally, seasonal camping works well when only part of the family can get away. My wife has never been comfortable hooking-up, towing, and setting up at a site on her own. As a seasonal camper, she has always felt confident going to the campground on her own with the boys without a second thought.


So for us, and many others, the seasonal camping experience is awesome. 


In future episodes of the Art of Seasonal Camping, I am excited to share my insights, convenience modifications, product reviews, and other really cool things we enjoy about seasonal camping. It’s truly all in the experience!


Happy camping!

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