A mobile RV spa?

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With the introduction of the beautiful walk-in shower in some of the new 2019 RVs, it got us to thinking: what walk in shower in the 2019 Seismic[5791]about a mobile spa?

Maybe we’re just dreaming here, or maybe we are on to the next big idea in the $94 billion global industry.

Let’s imagine it in the 2019 Jayco Seismic 4013, which we currently have in stock (see the floorplan below):

  • The master bedroom becomes a massage room. Candles, soft music, and relaxing scents. A massage table where the bed currently lives (that bed can live elsewhere for now, right?).
  • After the massage, you enjoy a steamy eucalyptus-scented shower in the walk-in shower. You can take a rest on the fold-down shower seat before you put on your plush robe and enter the kitchen for your freshly prepared smoothie (or champagne!)
  • Next, you enter the living room, where you receive a pedicure or a manicure. Soothing ocean scenes play on the 50” TV as you unwind on the sofa with a heat and massage function, and let someone rub your feet beautiful.
  • Lastly – assuming this dream scenario includes someone with the foresight to opt for the party deck option – you make your way out into the sun to enjoy a post-spa cocktail and the scenery. Perfect, right?


What do you think? Should this mobile RV spa be a thing? Should it be your thing?



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