A Mobile home with Garage

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camping-photography-1280x640It is Spring!

Who among campers isn’t thinking already about weekend trips and longer travels through 2019?



With this warmer weather and change of seasons comes wanting to be outside. Maybe in your garage, maybe away from home. What if you could have both? A garage on wheels, attached to your own mobile living space. The terminology could be semi motorhome with garage, toy hauler, garage model unit, toy box…maybe even a nickname like Brutus or Arnie. That is because this RV is your own strongman for your weekend getaways? Toy Haulers are a great addition to the RV world, the garage model unit is a year round home for both you and your favorite toys. Snowmobile, ATV, motorbikes, jet skis, off road vehicle, golf cart, boats anything motorized that you would normally take on a road trip to use at your destination for fun, entertainment and even necessity.

jpg Toy Hauler with quads

Whatever the name, these RV’s boast living quarters upfront to equal any of the finest equipped RV’s on the market.

The rear of a toy hauler holds the magic. A large opening with a ramp door will reveal plenty of cargo space for anything you can think to take on wheels or that does not belong inside a home. Think of a cross between a cargo or open-box trailer and a RV.
Toy haulers can be as simple and efficient as needed with the basics on-board or as luxurious and comfortable as desired. When considering what you want to carry, there is both weight and length to consider. Most garage units have a maximum limit of around 2,500 pounds (1133 kgs). That is a bit over a ton. Consider that most ATVs can weigh as little as 400 lbs even when filled with fuel and maybe up to 1,000 pounds. The length? Well, the wide range is anywhere from 12 feet and up to 40 plus feet for some fifth-wheel models.

Why a garage unit instead of towing a separate trailer?

Everything you need is on board
The design of toy haulers meets the unique needs of the owners who are not afraid to get a bit muddy travelling further off road to be off round and prefer to setup home base in locations other than fully equipped campgrounds. Garage units generally have larger tanks that will provide a longer lasting freshwater supply. Too hot, too cold – prefer to eat hot meals after a day of play? Built-in generators give you the power you need to run the necessary appliances. Whether you want to sleep, eat, shower, entertain – the front of a garage unit gives you what you need.
2019_Octane_SL_Front-to-RearFreedom of more open living space

When you wake in the morning, need to be inside to wait out some unpredictable weather, or entertain friends around the dining table, you are going to feel more like you are really at home than in hard-sided travel trailer. Thanks to the cargo area, your living space is noticeably wider and taller to accommodate the cargo area. Ceiling heights of 8 feet are common along with widths of 8 feet.
2019_Octane_SL_26_Front-to-RearEasy to make the cargo area work for you

You’ve got the space and can make it work for you. Installed furniture in the rear of the garage unit will be collapsible, disappearing up against the ceiling or taking up only a small amount of space against the wall. Single beds, couches, tables and chairs appear when you have the toys outside and tucked away when it is time to be on the move. The lower rear door can often be made into a patio when you have settled into a place for the night.

These babies are tough!
There can be some rough roads in Alberta and neighboring provinces. Your typical travel trailer can generally withstand a few bumps and ruts encountered on summer road trips. But the garage units are built to consistently handle roads with uneven surfaces and conditions you might find when enjoying more remote camping even in winter. The chassis and axles are rated to carry much heavier loads. Inside less rattles and concerning crashes as cabinets are much more durable. The higher ground clearance compared to a travel trailer makes worries about scraping the ground or bottoming out a thing that used to happen.

When it is cold outside, the temperature is just right inside
If your choice is to be ready for travel year round, a fully winterized version of a toy hauler means comfort and warmth. A higher BTU furnace, heated tanks, upgraded insulation and double-glazed windows truly bring on the heat!

2019_Octane_SL_Front-to-Rear with bikes and kayakStorage in when storing your trailer
If you ever have an off-season when you do not plan to camp, you will be looking for a place to keep your RV. Now your toys can stay safe and dry inside the garage unit. No longer are the toys taking up valuable space and subject to the elements that may cause damage.

Tow with the vehicle you already have
Depending on the size of the model that best meets your needs, you may be able to tow a garage unit with your existing vehicle.


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