5 Small Ways to Upgrade your RV

Portable 100W Solar Panel KitWhether you just bought your RV and want to personalize it, or want a change: a few small upgrades can make your RV experience even better.

  1. Solar panels. When you are looking to go off-grid or to save on electricity, solar panels are a great way to use the sun to power up your unit. With some creative parking, the roof of your RV is already baking in the sun – why not use that sunshine to power your appliances?
  2. A new showerhead. Whether you want a more powerful stream to relax under after a long day, or a water-saving head that will make your tank last longer when boondocking, a new showerhead is an economical way to make a big difference in your washroom.
  3. Black out shades. If you are taking long trips, especially during the long days of summer, black out shades on your windows can help you get more sleep. On short ventures, it can be nice to wake up with the sun, but sometimes, you’d prefer the extra zzz’s. In those cases, high quality black out shades on the windows in the sleeping area can make a world of difference.
  4. LED Lighting. LED lighting is a wonderful way to save electricity, indoors and out. Whether you string up patio lights on your awning for after-dark entertainment, or replace your indoor incandescent/fluorescent bulbs, you’ll notice your rig become brighter. Even better, you’ll also have to replace the bulbs less, saving you even more money.
  5. Upgrade your Storage. Using limited space efficiently keeps thing neat and allows you to have more of the comforts of home while you are on the road. Invest in a simple shoe rack to keep your entry way tidy, a towel rack for the back of the bathroom door and add some removeable wire shelves into your kitchen cabinets to utilize the space more efficiently.

These small enhancements don’t require much time or money, but they can make a big difference to how much you enjoy your camping experience. Talk to us at the parts department and we can help you make these upgrades!

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