2020-2021 Paul Sinclair Bursary Recipients

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Way to go Warren and Jayme!

Warren Blanchette - Certified RV Technician being Awarded the 2020-2021 Paul Sinclair Bursary   Jayme Schroeder - Certified RV Technician being Awarded the 2020-2021 Paul Sinclair Bursary

Congratulations to Warren Blanchette and Jayme Schroeder! They are receiving this year’s Paul Sinclair Bursary, having successfully graduated from the Recreation Vehicle Service Technician program at SAIT.

In 2005, in recognition of Paul Sinclair’s passionate commitment to promote and develop apprenticeship programs for RV technicians, the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA established the bursary. RV City is an active member of the RVDA and our graduating technicians qualify for this award.

Paul Sinclair was interviewed recently about his career and he had this to say about being an RV technician: “Everyday is a different day. If you like a varied work environment, electrical, plumbing, and construction then this is the trade for you. This trade challenges you to think outside the box and be a good problem solver. It is never boring.”

RV City is proud to have Warren and Jayme working with our customers, providing the highest standard of service, as RV industry professionals.

(source for Paul Sinclair’s quote):

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